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Why train with us?

Koh Tao, being the top diver-training destination in the world, is an excellent location for your leap into a new career.  Year-round diving, pleasant weather, optimal diving conditions, as well as great conveniences all combine to make a fantastic experience.  In addition, divemaster trainees will find that during their course they will have ample opportunity to practice newly acquired dive leadership skills on the dozens of new divers we train every week.

Our dive school is conveniently located in the centre of Sairee Beach, which is THE place to be on Koh Tao.  With a wonderful team of 25 attentive, energetic, and experienced staff, in a well-designed, purpose-built facility we provide an all-around package of fun, education, and relaxation.

We train an average of 100 divemasters and another 100+ instructors every year, and with it comes an unmatched level of expertise.  When diving with us, you don’t just get the textbook knowledge of the profession, you pick up pointers and advice based on many years of experience.  Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, see something extraordinary, and immerse yourself in adventure!

Naturally, it is not all about books and safety drills: when not in a classroom, there is plenty of time to enjoy the pristine white-sand beaches, or explore the tropical rain forests of our beautiful island.  Alternately, if you do not want to put your hikers on, you can always spend a lovely afternoon in our delightful pool bar enjoying a local beer or an exotic cocktail.  During your time here you will make some great new friends, attend a few (dozen) parties, and at the end end up in the centre of your own “snorkel test” which is a traditional dive master graduation party.  Visit the “Photos and Videos” section for a clearer, visual explanation of the process…

If you have any questions regarding our divemaster program or life on Koh Tao, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact page.


The DJL Divemaster Program is overseen by Emil Kaminski, a PADI Master Instructor with well over a decade of teaching experience in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.  Emil trains dive masters and new instructors via an energetic mix of classroom knowledge development as well as practical sessions both in our dive training pool as well as out at sea.  Easily sliding between English, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, and Russian, he shares his passion for diving with unmatched enthusiasm and confidently sends his graduates to all corners of the underwater world.  His many of his students are now gainfully employed at a variety of dive resorts and liveaboard boats throughout the world, and a fair number of them have even moved into the very sophisticated and technical world of commercial diving, working on oil platforms and undersea installations.  Emil makes himself easily accessible to all his students and is always willing to help out with whatever questions need answering.  If not explaining dive theory in a classroom or chasing whale sharks out at sea, he can be found all over the island, trail running, kayaking, rock climbing, or eating too much.