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As you can see, this page is still largely under construction, but new stuff will be added every couple of days until there is a decent collection of useful pages.  Stay tuned!

Diver Communications – browse through a selection of hand signals commonly used by scuba divers.

Emergency Assistance Plan – have a look at some templates of different E.A.P.s.  There are many styles, and many ways to convey same information.

PADI Divemaster Skill Circuit video – see the entire set of demonstration-quality skills.  Filmed by our friends at Utila Dive Center in Honduras.

Tips for Improving Air Consumption – Do you feel like you suck too much air on a dive?  Here is a bunch of suggestions for you!

Managing Seasickness – Don’t know what to do when your divers feel queasy on the boat?  Read and learn!

Never Get Lost on a Dive – Twelve tips for improving your underwater navigation.

Divemaster Mapping Project – An explanation of how to make an effective dive site map.