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PADI Divemaster Skill Circuit Video

Standardization is key, and nowhere in your diver training is it more important than in PADI Divemaster Skill Circuits.  High-quality demonstrations of dive skills will make it easier for students to learn, and so we practice our skill circuits A LOT.  While these might be a bit much at first, soon enough you will have a high degree of precision and will be able to deliver great demonstrations.

There are a few things to remember while performing these 24 skill demonstrations.  First, all demos should be slow.  Second, they should be clear.  Third, they should draw attention to the critical attributes of each exercise.  For example, knowing the importance of not holding breath underwater, it is quite important to point out to a novice diver that you are indeed exhaling any time the regulator is out of your mouth.  Another example would be pointing out that you are exhaling through the nose during a mask clearing exercise.  What is simple and straight-forward to you, the Divemaster, is neither simple nor intuitive to a first-time diver.

Best way to think about your role here is to visualize yourself as a flight attendant explaining the use of a seatbelt.  Yes, we all crack a joke about the low IQs that must be present if someone is not able to use a simple seat belt on an airliner, but remember that with a good dose of stress, the perceptual narrowing your students experience will make the simplest of tasks a massive challenge for most people.

We will go over the theory in a classroom session, after which we will head to out training pool and go over every one of the skills.

To assist you with your training, here is a video put together by your friends at the Utila Dive Centre in Honduras: