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Course Structure

The divemaster course consists of three parts – first part focuses on Knowledge Development, giving our trainees a solid base on which to build their dive experience.  In this part, classroom and pool sessions are blended with homework assignments and personal study time, but worry not: there is still plenty of opportunity to enjoy diving on our spectacular reefs.

Once the bulk of the academic bit is done, the trainees move into Part 2 of their training which consists of practical application sessions (both simulated and real-life) where they can test out their new skills under a watchful eye of our well-experienced instructors.  In this part they assist on various dive courses (in dive master trainee capacity), participate in a variety of simulated dive scenarios, and push their skills to new levels.  There is still some reading, but the emphasis is on real-life experience, and so every candidate is assigned to an experienced instructor who explains what is going on, and helps them ease into their new role of a dive leader.

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Once you progress to Group 2, there is a great deal of flexibility as you pick and choose the courses you want to assist on, participate in further skill-expansion sessions, enrol in additional PRO courses, and take time to do some fun diving.  Before finishing your internship you will be expected to participate in 3 Open Water courses, 2 Advanced Open Water courses, 1 Rescue Course, 2 Discover Scuba Diving experiences, and at least 1 Scuba Review.  Throughout this part, the participants attend several workshops and practical training sessions in search and recovery, leading dives, conducting dive briefings, guiding snorkelers/skin divers, and many more.  They also have time to practice their general navigation skills, mapping, and participate in water skill evaluation sessions.  This is the part where great friendships are forged and a few times a week, if not night diving, the team heads out into town to enjoy themselves in various ways, which some people can’t remember in the morning, but we run a well-updated Facebook group to help with recalling the events…

Once the trainees successfully complete Part 2 of their training, they enter Part 3 in which they work on some personal assignments, attend high-level dive theory lectures, enjoy some good diving, and prepare for their final examination.  The exam consists of both a written as well as a practical evaluation session which serves to confirm that they truly are ready to assume the role of a dive leader.  Worry not, by the time you are in this stage, everything is easy and fun!  If not, we coach you into proficiency, although that usually requires a lower Facebook presence and more classroom time…  😉

The duration of the internship is 8 weeks.  Sessions starts / course orientations always fall on Sundays, every 2 weeks, and all of the academic content is offered on a 2 week rotation, meaning that if you wish to participate in a session more than just one time, you simply show up when it is being offered and enjoy some edutainment.

Here is a list of 2015 start dates:

January 4th and 18th,

February 8th and 22nd,

March 8th and 22nd,

April 5th and 19th,

May 3rd, 17th, and 31st,

June 14th and 28th,

July 12th and 26th,

August 9th and 23rd,

September 6th and 20th,

October 4th and 18th,

November 1st, 15th, and 29th,

December 13th and 27th.

For maximum convenience, all academic sessions are offered on a repeating schedule every 2 weeks – you only need to attend these activities ONCE, but if anyone wishes to re-train or refresh can pop into a classroom session, ask questions, get guidance, and learn.  Likewise, pool sessions are open to all, if you successfully completed them you are free to go, or welcome to do more.  Activities are scheduled in a way that if you have a morning classroom session, there is still plenty of time to go diving in the afternoon, and vice versa.  Here you can see the current (December 2014) bi-weekly schedule of academic activities:

Once week 1 and 2 activities are completed, most of the remaining time (weeks 3 through 7) is spent on assisting with courses, diving, independent study, and, of course, having fun.  Weeks 7 and 8 are where the trainees go through practical and written exams, hand in their projects, and, if successful, complete the program and enjoy a fantastic graduation party during the final week.  For more detail of this particular event, please visit the Photos and Videos section.